Cari Soci di Amici del Bhutan,

Vi inoltro l'invito all'European Meeting degli Amici del Bhutan che si terrà in Ottobre 2016 in Grecia.
L'evento e' organizzato dall'Associazione Greca di cui e' Presidente l'amico Romolo Gandolfo.

Se qualcuno di voi è interessato a prender parte all'evento, per cortesia ci comunichi la sua disponibilità.

Con questa Vi auguriamo un Felice , Sereno e Riposante periodo di Feste

Maddalena Fortunati

Dear Friends of Bhutan,

after a particularly stressful year for most of us here in Greece, we are finally able to announce the dates of the next meeting of the European "Friends of Bhutan" associations.

We are planning the meeting from the afternoon of Thursday October 6 to mid- afternoon on Sunday Oct 9. We shall spend the first night (October 6) in Athens and move all together by bus to the beautiful town of Nafplion in the Peloponnese in the early afternoon of Friday the 7th.
We shall be holding our bi-annual meeting on Saturday in Nafplion, and visit some of the most impressive archaelogical sites nearby. We shall return to Athens airport on Sunday by 5pm, early enough to catch late afternoon flights back to most European destinations. For those who need to return home earlier, there are convenient and frequent bus services from Nafplion to Athens, connecting directly to the metro/train line to the airport.

As the weather in Greece is usually very pleasant and sunny till the end of October (this year, I last went swimming on November 23), we imagine that some of you may decide to spend a few more days exploring the country, either before or after our conference. If you need any help deciding where to go and what to do in October, just let us know. We'll be more than glad to give you ideas, and some practical advice.

At this stage of planning, we need to know how many of you will most likely be able to attend our meeting on these dates. We'd like to hear from you as early as possible. In early January we'll send you a more formal participation form, along with suggestions about which hotels to book in Athens and Nafplion.

I am sending this notice to the list of participants during our (splendid) last meeting in Middleburg in 2014. If you notice that some names are missing, or know of new associations just formed (what about Belgium?), please let us know and we'll update our mailing list.

The Bhutan Embassy in Brussels has been informed about these dates. As you know, Ambassador Sonam Tshong is back in Thimphu and the name of his successor has not been announced yet.

We would like to take advantage of this "save the date" email to wish Tashi Delek to all our Bhutanese friends for the National Day tomorrow, and to wish each of you a happy holiday season and a great 2016.

Romolo Gandolfo
Greece Bhutan Friendship Association
+30-6944-360362 (cell)
+30-211-3657400 (office)

Da Associazione "inAsia"

Carissimi amici, gentili conoscenti,

in allegato troverete la locandina della seconda Conferenza della Associazione Culturale "inAsia" del nuovo ciclo 2015-2016,
che ha come argomento "Le dimore del Divino".

Sabato 14 Dicembre all'Auditorium del Banco Popolare presso il Centro Servizi di Viale delle Nazioni 4, Verona.
La conferenza inizia alle ore 17 ed è aperta a tutti.

Cordiali saluti.

Giovanni Basso


ACIA Locandina ConferenzaTempli Ebraismo2.4.mailing


vi inoltro l'ultima mail del Dr. Madhu sulla terribile situazione in Nepal..da panico!

a presto

Dear Maddalena

Well Maddlena I am still holding the money for proper time & situation. You might be knowing the situation in Nepal day by day getting worse. Since more than a month there is strike Bandha riots & many people killed in police fighting related with the constitution. Earthquake is almost in the background.
Beside this again we have new problem with India. They blocked everything petrol diesel, gas daily need foods everything . This is also with constitution. No transport in Kathmandu & abroad even airplanes are also happing trouble for fuel crisis. You can see here only 10 % transports are running.I do not know for how long it goes like that. I am extremely sorry as I am not able to utilize it as yet. Well I will do but might take time.


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Museo scienza e tecnologia Milano, Mostra: Don't forget Nepal


Un viaggio per immagini tra la natura selvaggia dell’Himalaya e la tecnologia di un laboratorio scientifico sul tetto del mondo

23 settembre – 25 ottobre 2015

La mostra vuole offrire il proprio contributo alla promozione della raccolta fondi lanciata dall’associazione EvK2-Cnr, insieme al CESVI, per la ricostruzione di Thame, un piccolo villaggio a 3800 metri di quota sulla sinistra di Namche Bazar, completamente devastato dal terremoto dello scorso 25 aprile in Nepal.


Assoc. Amici del Bhutan - Italy