vi inoltro l'ultima mail del Dr. Madhu sulla terribile situazione in Nepal..da panico!

a presto

Dear Maddalena

Well Maddlena I am still holding the money for proper time & situation. You might be knowing the situation in Nepal day by day getting worse. Since more than a month there is strike Bandha riots & many people killed in police fighting related with the constitution. Earthquake is almost in the background.
Beside this again we have new problem with India. They blocked everything petrol diesel, gas daily need foods everything . This is also with constitution. No transport in Kathmandu & abroad even airplanes are also happing trouble for fuel crisis. You can see here only 10 % transports are running.I do not know for how long it goes like that. I am extremely sorry as I am not able to utilize it as yet. Well I will do but might take time.


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