Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness. Text and Photographs by John Wehrheim.
To paraphrase from the book "Bhutan could become just like any other country, but no other country could be like Bhutan," this book could have become like other books on Bhutan, but no books could be like "Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness."

Beautifully presented, the majestic and iconic black-and-white photographs of the landscape and people of Bhutan by John Wehrheim captured the life of Bhutan. Through his photographs and narratives, Wehrheim takes us on a journey amongst the peaks and steeply forested valleys of Bhutan, and brings us close to the people of the villages and towns. These photographs were taken over a period of fifteen years. This book is for the reader to discover the beauty of Bhutan, and for those who have been there it will bring moments of nostalgia. Serindia is proud to have published such beautiful work of Wehrheim's photography.

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ISBN 978-1932476-32-3
280 x 280 mm, 11 x 11 in
280pp, Hardcover 
108 illustrations

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