Sangay Chezom, Thimphu
A new species of snail, discovered recently in Bhutan, has been name Truncatellina Bhutanensis. An expert from the Netherland and researchers from National Biodiversity Centre had discovered the new species.
The light brown fragile-looking Bhutanensis is the smallest snail recorded in the entire Himalayan region. Unlike other snails, Bhutanensis is cylindrical in shape. It does not have a prominent rib let.
A Bhutanensis is only about 1.4 mm in height and 0.75 mm in breadth which is as small as a soil particle.
A Researcher from National Biodiversity Centre, Pema Leda said they could find Bhutanensis only in the western part of the country such as Haa, Paro and Thimphu.
He also said this species will not affect health and livestock.
National Biodiversity Centre Collection has recorded around 150 species of snails found in Bhutan.

Ass. Amici del Bhutan - Italy