Yeti mystery solved? Trekker 'captures' movements of Abominable Snowman in Bhutan

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Last Updated: Monday, February 1, 2016 - 15:35

Zee Media Bureau
New Delhi: Despite making a tremendous advancement in the science and technology, the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman continues to remain a mystery so far. But an English trekker has claimed to have solved the mystery. But according to a report in the Mailonline, a trekker has claimed to have unravelled the mystery.
According to the trekker Steve Berry, the footprints in the photographs, taken at depths of the remote Bhutan mountain, are of a Yeti. He said that the marks are bigger than that of the human footmarks and the mountain, where the photos were taken, was untouched by any human being so far.
The footmarks, which are made in a straight line, cannot be made by a snow leopard or any four-legged animal. It would be impossible for a beer to make such footmarks as it cannot walk with such precision with a bulky body.
The tracks were spotted in October 2014 on Gangkhar Puensum, the world’s highest unclimbed mountain.
Berry also runs a adventure company which specialises in Himalayan treks.
The "Abominable Snowman" was coined in 1921. In the same year Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury led the 1921 British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition. Later, in his book, Mount Everest The Reconnaissance, he mentioned seeing footprints probably caused by a large 'loping' grey wolf, which in the soft snow formed double tracks rather like a those of a bare-footed man.

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